Where Do I Come From?

One day a parent decided it’s time for him and his child to have a father- son conversation about… you know. The father, who was visibly nervous, told his son:
`You know, I thought we should talk some things about sex. `
`Okay, dad, what would you like to know? `

No one would want to be this father whose child has already found out a lot of things about sexuality. So many that he can teach his parents. So open that he is not nervous. That is why it’s high time we treated this problem seriously once and for all. Our world wouldn’t have to deal with critical problems like abortion, single mothers, rape if parents knew the importance of when and how sexual education should be done to their children. And don’t forget about guardrails. They make the difference.

Teachers are used to hearing preschoolers talk and giggle about sex. It becomes so obvious those children have never been talked to about this. And it confirms when they still believe they came `out of nowhere`, `the land of tulips`, or that they were brought by a stork and dropped in mommy’s tummy. Can you imagine how a child feels when he imagines the scenarios about how he got out from that big belly? That doctor must have been a butcher.

Parents’ first fear is that kids would laugh and they will faint with shame as if parents loving each- other was taboo. No one expects you to impoverish the child with something he wouldn’t understand anyway. The simpler the better. For starters try not to call his sexual organs different names (who wouldn’t love to read a whole dictionary of those names though?). Everyone knows how they are called but children need to know that no one is interested in talking about them all the time. The sooner you do that the more natural it will be for you child. Disembarrass and relax. Wouldn’t you rather have known things from your parents?

Libraries are full of encyclopedias that can be very useful when you try to explain how he got in his mother’s womb, how he grew and got out. Not all children enjoyed a C-section. You do the reading even if he can do that already. If your child doesn’t show interest then wait till next time. He may come with new questions but if he doesn’t spy for another appropriate moment to go on reading. Simplify things and never discourage him to talk about his curiosities. Don’t get anyone’s attention on his sexual organs or joke about them. And very important: encourage him to come to you as soon as another person made him feel uncomfortable or threaten him.

Of course our children’s questions go way beyond the answers we have up in our sleeve but nevertheless we must not ignore this very important part of their life. A new and better idea may come to mind now and then and the discussions can start over anytime.

The Talking Crayons.

`Don’t talk to me about yourself. Just draw your heart and I’ll know whether you are happy or sad`.

Looking at the sky after a heavy rain and seeing the beautiful rainbow makes you sure those colors have been created for children. And they love to take them from the rainbow and put them into drawings. One of their favorite activities is making pictures or drawings alive by coloring them. Their whole feelings are on the page. All we have to do is `read` it.

Not all of them will end up being Picassos, but each and every drawing may give us a hint of what they are concerned for, what they feel like, what makes them happy or sad. Thus drawings can be a very good method which help us know our children better, take a peek into their universe.

Specialists say the evolution of drawing depends on the child’s development but is artistic skills- independent.
As soon as the crayon seems to belong to the little hand as if it were a part of the body and the child becomes aware of what his drawing represents (because he is intellectually involved in the artistic act), his works will make sense.  Before that doodles represented the child’s pleasure to get dirty but even these doodles make sense and have been studied by specialists. They talk about his way of being. The instable child has a discontinuous work and abandons his activity early, the happy child has firmly lines and the one filling the whole page wants to take all the attention and love. Holding the pencil also betrays the child’s intellectual development.

Circles, lines, dots for details are used by early preschoolers and later on the objects get more and more detailed with the mental age and not with the artistic skill. So the child does not have intellectual development delays if his drawing is not very beautiful.
What specialists call `the visual realism` comes with the ages of 7 and 12 when we can read his inner self by the way he draws lines, by the colors he uses, by geometry, characters and subject. Thin lines, corrections or even negative comments on his own work betray a shy, timorous child while powerful, thick lines, that make wholes in the paper, betray aggressiveness.

When a child’s drawing represents his family he should be asked questions about the members and one should pay attention to their order in the drawing. This may tell us about the way he feels loved or the place he’s got in his family. If one member is left out it may mean that there is rejection or conflict. The size of the characters may talk about its importance in the child’s life or the fear he feels toward that person.
An introverted child uses only a few colors and he chooses the dark ones while an extroverted child uses a lot of colors and the light, vivid ones.

Drawings talk about the inner world of our children. It is helpful for doctors when he needs to figure out the universe the child comes from and it helps us know our children better and know how to help them develop their personalities and creativity. So let the crayons talk!


The Worm in the Apple: School problems

Your child has started school and everything seemed fine until recently. The apple looked nice but when you decided to look harder you can see that the little hole had been there. What made you look harder? Your child’s discomfort for school or even his refuse to go to school. When he is late for school it is annoying. But missing school is intolerable. And here comes the reply: `I’m not going to school and you can’t make me!`.  If nothing is done this may have repercussions up to his student years.

 It might be a fight for power. But an issue with one of the teachers is more likely to it. No wonder things are on the verge to explode (or may already have) when two people who don’t like each other have to spend so many hours a day together. They just don’t match and you find yourself between the devil and the deep blue sea. You don’t know whether interfere or not but you know the grades are going down and something should be done. Encourage your child to talk and solve this on his own, have the courage to admit his mistakes and even approach his teacher. Don’t throw accusations on anyone and try to find solutions together. If nothing seems to work then take your child to another class or even another school.

Another `worm` may be an aggressive, dominating child who rejects yours for different reasons. Talk to him about their relationship and remind him that love cannot be bought so one true friend would do. If he found it already make him focus on that friendship. Support your child and don’t criticize. Self esteem is very important at this age (but when isn’t?). The way you child sees himself affect the way his friends see him.

Remember a funny scenario in the movies or cartoons when the pupil comes home and show his angry parents his marks. They burst. Well… disappointment and desperation turnsthis funny scene into an ordeal in the real life. This kind of results may have happen because the child has got eye or neurological problems. Other reasons may be common: he may not be used to learning or the teaching methods don’t fit his temper. If this gets you angry you let yourself trapped in a game where everyone loses. If you make the child feel guilty for the bad marks, he’ll feel incompetent. You all season in a circle. He needs to like learning again and you should help. Underline the efforts not the results and be optimistic.

No matter what size the `worms` are, you always have to put yourself in your child’s place. And remember: you can always resign buy our child has to go to school every day even if the results are not good, even if some teacher doesn’t like him or another child is giving him hard times.

The Kindergarten Dilemma

There comes a time when your young child needs to interact with something else different than home. This should happen anytime between the ages of three and six or seven. It depends on the local custom. Kindergarten is a transitional stage between home and a more formal schooling and there are countries where this is compulsory. Be it a state kindergarten or a private one (as kindergartens can be a real business), there always is this dilemma connected to it. It involves a kind of separation from home, family and you, from his small, friendly familiar universe. But this shock will be got over depending on your attitude and the way you prepare your child for it.

It all goes back to his first day of life when you have to know that once he came into this world he will connect to it sooner or later. And the first connection is kindergarten. His personality is marked by the way he sees this and if parents fail to manage his feelings correctly the child might get traumas after his first contact with the community. `Why put him through this then? ` you might ask. Well… deciding not to would be totally against him. Socializing is a very important thing. It helps those children who think they are the hub of the universe and all they like belongs to them. They need to be brought down to reality and group activities will teach him that. He’ll soon learn how to receive and to give by what we call rules. It might sound strange but children love a tidy world and rules in a game. Discipline, which is something they don’t really like, will teach the hoe to obey these social rules. Thus parents should guide them in this area long before kindergarten time. Your schedule will help him feel safe, a feeling that will continue once he started kindergarten. Talking to him, singing together, dancing will not be new if once done at home.

The first days might be very hard. Get him there in time and don’t be late when you have to pick him up. That’s why make sure you choose a kindergarten which is closed to your home, teachers you trust and activities you are satisfied with, appropriate environment. Don’t let your missing him show on your face because he needs all your support. Talk to your child about what happened during the day and try to obey the rules together at home. The whole family should try to love kindergarten. Your child depends on this. It will affect the way he relates to people, problems and tasks later on in his life.

Some couples decide not to argue when their children are present and this is a very good thing.

The rough translation of an old proverb is: `When two fight the third wins`. The wise mind which put these words together was definitely not thinking of a family of three and the scenario of two parents arguing because there is nothing in it for the third one here. Parents say they would do anything for their children and we all are struggling for this every day of our lives. Children have all kind of wishes and desires that need us to fulfill. But there is one thing we may never think of as a gift even if it is more than that. It is the gift of a lifetime. And this is a happy family. Those who have it sometimes don’t appreciate it and those who don’t – long for it.
Two eyes are helplessly watching your faces who express anything but love and safety and they seem to keep the score for yelling and reproach. If it is okay with you to burst out while your child is there and watches this traumatizing show, you should now this has to change forever.

Some couples decide not to argue when their children are present and this is a very good thing. But when they accidentally run into such a thing they hurt as they are not used to this. It is not always possible to save his eyes of a marital fight but as soon as that happens he should be explained that parents do this sometimes and their love for each other and for him doesn’t change.
If the child does not react it doesn’t mean he is not affected by the fights that become a habit. He rather got used to them and apparently adapted. Prolonged tension is likely to cause psychological problems with the child. And usually these fights will turn into explosive bursts eventually; that is why try and keep the voices down for the child’s sake. He will understand that parents love each other in spite of their different opinions.

Unfortunately parents who let inappropriate words come out are models for their children. When they calm down and regret having made their children a part of that it is too late.  These children are likely to become stressed, insecure, introverted, social misfits and behavior disordered. They will learn that aggressiveness is the key for conflict and will behave the same.

Children should not have to choose another room or something else to do until the fight is over, they shouldn’t run to get help of another adult, they shouldn’t get hurt either physically or emotionally, they shouldn’t be the ones to teach parents how to control anger. They are a gift for their parents and should be treated this way. Even if no family is perfect they have the right to and they deserve the gift of their lifetime: a loving environment.

The Electronic Babysitter: the TV

The surveys should concern us: the children born in the last two decades live in a different environment than their grandparents’, a lot of children are born outside of a marriage and they will grow up with a single parent, almost half of the single mothers are teens and many children see the light of the world in poverty. All these children are the first exposed to means of information which propagate violence in one way or another.

Television seduces grown- ups but it seduces children three times as much. The moment they turn it on nothing else matters, their eyes are staring, they stop doing everything even playing. Talking to them is in vain because commercials, cartoons, inappropriate movies or news lay hands on their attention. They are not able to analyze the information, to choose between right and wrong, reality and fiction, so they assimilate everything they see and hear. They are very curios to know how things are working so they are interested in the world presented on TV. The worst thing is that imitation goes with the age and you definitely don’t want your child to imitate what he watches. The best thing is that when watching TV you can enjoy that blessing silence. We tend to use this glass king as a baby sitter more than we are willing to admit. And how could parents control what their children are watching as long as they indulge in this? Has television become the centre of the universe when family should have taken that place?

Role modeling is your main activity as parents. Try not to act things but make them a part of your real day by day living. Choose your own programs to watch and then get into your children’s. Accept television’s role in the family, sit next to your child and choose the channels, see what he watches and do this persistently. Take time to explain the elders why certain channels and programs won’t do them any good but accept that they will watch them somewhere else if they want to. So don’t force them into anything. Some channels may be watched together even if they show some violence but teach them how to accept what they see by asking questions and talking about what is right and wrong.

 If the child’s family offers the necessary love and safety it will come easy to them to give up television and enjoy different entertaining activities. It only takes time. They will teach you what and how to play if you are not inspired. Just make yourself available and make sure there are plenty of games in the house. Make sure your children choose you over some phony idols on TV. Do your best to help them discover that real life is more beautiful.


If love was enough in raising our children, there would be no problems in the families. But obviously it isn’t enough. Education also meas patience, persistence, respect and the ability to deal with conflicts. Parenting shouldn’t be played by ear. It is something that everyone should be taught. Otherwise how can we teach our children lessons when they do something wrong and break the rules? It takes time, experience and wisdom to understand the discipline and not punishment should be the keyword when it comes to our children’s behavior.

Our idea of a good child is Babel. This fundamental truth leads to frustrations, conflicts and mutual accusations. And when parents haven’t established to agree on the child’s discipline then this is a wrong start.

First of all responsibilities should be clearly assigned, rules must not be absurd and words like `ultimate mistake` shouldn’t exist. A child who is not breaking windows or mirrors as a habit should not be punished. Mistakes should be scaled upon importance: serious, ordinary and silly. The list changes with the age as bigger children are able to understand better. Make sure your child understands that rules are made for a good reason and for his own benefit and this shouldn’t turn into a detective movie on either side. If it does, then the `delinquent` gets to suffer for his disobedience. But parents are not to put into practice some odd techniques previously seen on TV. They should both relate to the problems in the same way when it comes to children. That doesn’t mean two hours of lectures instead of one or one lecture and then two hours of hugs and kisses.

Physical punishment has been debated for a long time by specialists. Most of them say this is a reaction of weakness, impatience and reasoning. If an adult hits a child then he refuses to behave like an adult. He gives in to impulse. Others say that there is a difference between `hitting` and `physical correction` but those who considered both as abuse contradicted them. It’s up to parents to find a common ground as long as the child’s welfare is the priority.
One thing is for sure: the child must be forgiven and the mistake forgotten after punishment, talking and apologizing. Balance things and don’t overreact in discipline. And never bring any mistake back into discussion once the hatchet had been buried.



PINOCCHIO: Why Do Children Lie?

Do you remember your baby crying for your arms? Its first means of communication deceived you so many times. Could this have been the beginning of lies? Some say that lying is another inborn of our being and later on we choose to lie because it is an instinct which activates when we tend to defend ourselves. Others say that lying is related to the mental development and say that children cannot be called liars as long as they don’t realize their lies induce a false assurance. They need to know the difference between right and wrong, between them and others, between real and imaginary. And they are able to make these differences beginning with the age of 4 or 5 or some say even later.

Children usually lie to get out of trouble, to impress or to manipulate. The interesting part is how they do it. Have you ever asked a simple question like `Who broke that vase? ` And for the next half an hour you get the most pathetic fairy tales you’ve ever heard? Any parent fears that his lying child is doomed to grow into a dishonest adult. If a simple question doesn’t get an honest answer then what will happen when he grows older and he is asked about the scratch on the car? So lies should be dealt with as early as possible.
Trust needs to be gained. If your child fears punishment or growing nose he won’t dare tell the truth from the very beginning. Help him believe you are ready to hear anything without any consequences of this kind. Assure him of your love no matter what and don’t overreact upon what happened. Settle down some rules to make sure the same mistake never happens again and reward the child when he tells the truth.

Lie is a creative way for children to solve the problems. Sometimes they lie about their age adding some numbers the same way adults cut. The greater the punishment the more colorful their lies will be. This is where parents should make the difference between made up stories (which are meant to distract attention) and rough lies (told to keep out of troubles). Don’t ever insult you child calling him `liar`. He will end up believing that and this will probably lead to more lies. So trusting parents will help the children tell the truth but learning how to trust themselves will help even more.  

Bed Wetting Among Kids

`I’m full! I’m full! I’m full! `
`So what? You know you cannot do things your way! You have to await my orders!
`But I’m full! `
`But look at him! He’s so cute while he’s sleeping. `
`Wake him up! Now! `
`He won’t even move his eyelids. You know he’s tired. And so am I. Go back to sleep!`
`But I’m full. And I never sleep. Mr. Kidney is my boss, remember? `
`Yeah… ` (zzzzzzzz)
`I’m full! Oh, not anymore. `

When a parent finally understands that no one should throw accusations at no one when it comes to bed wetting, he is able to look at things from a totally different perspective. A funny one but wise at the same time. Like this dialogue where the Bladder talks to the Brain. You guess which is which. And then read this to your child. It will do miracles on his self esteem.
After making sure the little kidneys are okay, the bladder and muscles function at their best and no infection lost its way into the child’s body, a parent would normally raise the shoulders and give up fight. But there are two more things that most doctors have on their list: pills and psychiatrist. Pills will make the problem go away and if they don’t the latter one should be seen. You don’t live in denial though and you know that enuresis is a problem. Still you know better your child has never suffered any trauma so there’s no reason for you to go on pills. At this point you remember movies where parents were desperately looking for answers in books and internet. There you go. You find out that somehow everyone forgot to tell you that this is also a genetic problem and most of the times it goes away. The feelings of guilt made you forgot it had happened the same to you once.
Now things seem to go back to normal for you. But you still have to deal with the child’s frustration when it happens and make him understand what you have thoroughly understood. Assure your child you believe it’s not his fault. Who would willingly turn the warm, comfortable bed into a cold, wet pond? If you want the child to believe you’re honest, then tell him you’ll be there for him even when you are not thrilled you also have to wake up in the middle of the night and find out what you could do together. Let him know about other experiences. Especially the ones in his family. Ask him to take the laundry where it belongs. This won’t solve the problem but it will help the child to have an idea about the consequences. Protect the mattresses and the bed and never cease to ensure your child of your love and tell him this is not a shame or a disaster. You’ll once laugh at it together when Mrs. Bladder and Mr. Brain agree to cooperate better.


At The Cinema

The TV set, the DVD, the internet movies are not something new for your child. He’s used to the remote control buttons, the light in the room and adjustable sound. Still you decide that the next 3D movie in town which everyone talks about is worth seeing at the cinema. Since it is recommended for children and yours is 4 or over, you are now ready to take a chance and go out together. You remember your first experience at the cinema and do your best to stir his interest telling him that this is going to be his first real movie. Well… the huge screen, the sound and the darkness might make you part of different scenarios.

There might be unknown rules and he doesn’t know what to expect. The pants might get wet, the chair might be a suffocating small place for his energy so staying still is hard to do, he might fall asleep while your are trying to make sure he understands what is all about or he might be very absorbed by the characters and the story. One thing is for sure: this new adventure in the grown- ups’ world is going to be unforgettable and is going to visibly change your child. It depends on his temper and of course on the movie you have chosen. This is another experience when you are exclusively his own. Nothing will stand in your way.
When the light goes off your fellow might suddenly feel very tiny in this huge cinema hall and this may turn his favorite animals which he recognizes on the screen into monsters. There are some things that you can do and the first one is not to worry if all goes wrong for the first time. There always will be a next time. You might want to choose another movie like cartoons or musicals which he is used to. Action or comedies might be avoided for starters and when lights go off he may sit on your lap and feel safer. It would be easier for you to whisper in his ear now when he discovers a different plot than that he used to watch at home. So prepare yourself for a lot of questions. Don’t forget that he is asked to focus his attention for more than an hour now, so if he becomes restless don’t buzz him. As long as it doesn’t bother other viewers keep explaining things to him.

Once the movie ends and you get out of the cinema your child’s head is full of colored images that seemed so real. You can almost see the cloud he’s floating on. Your intentions are well meant and you really need to know if there’s any gain in this experience so the next question would be `Did you like it? `. You should know this will take away the magic. Let the movie continue in his mind while he is playing alone in his room. Your child will feel when it is the right time for chatting and he will come and talk to you about those things that touched him. He might even ask for a book, toys or costumes related to the story which will help him relive the story till the next cinema escapade.



Take your teens’ driving lessons

You have increase your patience level as your child put step in his teenage. You have to be clam and patient when dealing with your teens, especially when you’re giving him driving lessons. Start with provisional license and any other requirement needed by your state traffic law before start driving lessons. Let him know rules of road first. Most teens, males specially, are so eager to be on the driving that all these pre-driving needs seems boring to them. It is necessary to make them about all these road rules and regulations in a polite and interesting way at home.

Start driving with some industrial estate, empty car park or driving course. Decide on place that has bigger open ground and enough open spaces for just-to-be-on-driving-seat drivers. Guide your teen properly about all in and out about the car, about wheels, fuel tanks, bonnet and dash board controls before starting driving lessons. Be sure that your teen has understood everything carefully and completely. Repeat the demo if needed. Do not over emphases on anything it would distract teens’ attention. 
Before starting driving lessons, at first give a demonstration how everything works, like lights, wipers, seat belts, indicator, horn, emergency lights, brakes, mirrors seat adjustments and other basic things. Do not get bossy; let your teen get involved with you. Allow him/her to be on driving seat and you sit yourself on passenger seat. Draw your teens’ attention to feel when brake, smooth gear and accelerator changes. Let him feel changes. Make correction politely when you’re driving round and round on the course. Have an overview of all lessons when you’re finished.

Guide your teen accordingly, about the hazards of drugs and driving. Let him know about laws, penalties and punishments against drink and drive. Make him understand to not to drive when feeling tired. Do not get distracted when seating on the drivers’ seat. Take all driving lessons with patience. If you’re a short temper person then let your spouse deal with this task. You can also consult some trusted friends and relatives about this. Hiring a driving teacher and trainer is also an option that you can consider.

Involvement of Technology in the lives of Teenagers

It can be easily observed nowadays that technology is so much involved in the Teenagers’ lives. Involvement of technology starts from an alarm of the mobile that Teenagers normally set, so that they can easily get up early in the morning for going to the school, or college. After this, they use the cell-phone all the day for the purpose of sending messages to their friends, class-fellows and relatives. It can be seen from the results of many recently conducted surveys that teenagers spend lots of their time along with their mobile phones.
Similarly, IPad and Play-Station are some other examples of the Involvement of technology in the lives of Teenagers. This is the age of excitement and passion. That’s why lots of Teenagers really prefer to play games on Play-Station for enjoyment. Invention of IPad has brought a significant change in the life-style of Teenagers. Now, they can browse the internet and perform any kind of activity that they want with the help of IPad. 

Laptops and Desktop Computers are one of the most common examples of the Involvement of technology in the lives of Teenagers. Computers have lots of advantages for the Teenagers. Now, they do not need to buy some costly books though the Booksellers because lots of information is available on the internet. Some of the intelligent Teenagers are also doing part- time online Jobs. But Computer has some disadvantages also for the Teenagers. Some of the Teenagers use this useful device for wrong use like surfing the Sexual websites.
Usually, the cost of these technological goods is very much high. The Teenagers spend lots of money of their parents on the purchasing of these technological equipments. So it’s the duty of parents to keep an eye on the activities of their children. They must restrict their children from the unnecessary use of technology in their lives. They must guide them about the right use of technology and must strictly prohibit them about the misuse of technology. Otherwise, the moral values of your children can be affected badly.                      

Effects of Negative and Positive Parenting on the Teenagers

It is very much important for the parents to take great care about the needs and wants of their children. Children want attention and parents’ love. There are lots of parents that do not give sufficient time to their children due to their other activities. Some parents are so much busy in their business or jobs that they don’t even share the most memorable and important events of their children like Birthdays, Annual Schools functions etc. It really puts a bad impact on the children psychology. Children feel lots of depression in such cases. For removing this depression, they use different types of ways like drinking, smoking, drugs, company of wrong friends and many others such kind of things. These things really destroy the character and future of the children, especially in the case of girls. When teen age Girls fail to get the love and affection of their parents then they loss their way. In such cases, they try to find the true love of some boy-friend. Lots of them are also got pregnant in this whole process and ruined their lives. This is all because of negative Parenting.

Similarly, if parents will give proper time to their children and help them in their daily life activities then children will feel more affection towards their parents. Good parents always maintain a balance between their personal and professional lives so that they can easily fulfill their duty as parents also. They always participate in those events that have special importance for their children. They always try to keep an eye on the in-door and out-door activities of their children so that they can easily save their children from wrong people and habits. Those Teenagers, who enjoy the good Parenting of their parents, really enjoy their lives. They feel that they are the most fortunate people. These children have great confidence to do something.

So, in short we can say that good parenting is very much important for the purpose of shaping the personalities and behaviors of the children otherwise, children may get involve in lots of bad habits.                   

Teenager and their problem

During teenage, the teenagers face a number of difficulties regarding family. This is the more complex phenomena because of changes of hormone that’s why nobody can not understand their feelings especially, parents. And finally, the teens feel unaccompanied, angry, frustration as well as confused when they face complexity about sexual behavior, peers, drinking and drugs, identity. During that time, they face a lot of problem. Some of them are discussing below:


In high school, teenagers are addicted to use drugs. In the pre-teen and teenage years, most drugs are used, although these years are more sensitive in the maturation process. Peer pressure is one of the important reasons of teenage drug usage. It can be turned positively or negatively because of social influence. Nowadays, teenagers considered it as a social phenomenon and thus they are addicted to drugs.


Frustration is one of the important problems for teenage. When changes are occurred in the body and mentality of teens then no one does help of them. A huge distance between parents and children creates frustration. They always feel confusion about how to discuss their problem with parents, as well as parents don’t want to discuss about their problem. As a result, they suffer in frustration.


In this period, the hormones are changed and that’s why their body shape is changed. Along with these changes, their intention is also changed with their body. Due to the lack of proper knowledge about themselves, they do many undesired things although they don’t know about this. And as a result, they become pregnant.

Trouble on school:

When teens begin to go to high school, they experience a lot of changes in body and mentality. These changes may impact their academic sector, study as well as also in society. So, it’s the duty of parents and teachers to guide them at this crucial stage of their lives so that these teens can easily overcome the problems. 

Teenage- friends and beyond

It is general human trait that we need people who can understand our problems, with whom we can share the joys and sorrows. And during the teenage years, this pivotal role is played by friends and to some extent the peers.
Parents, who seemed so close and endearing during the childhood days, seem to be invading the privacy and becoming stricter. In this situation, the enraged teenagers seek solace in the companionship of friends.
In the company of friends they learn many things, which aren’t always socially or morally correct. But being in the same age group, they can share everything with each other. Their day to day experiences, the bodily and mental changes, the views about world and people everything can contribute as a topic of discussion among friends.
Sometimes, the influence of friends on the minds of the teens crosses the certain limits and during these times, they may even consider the friends as the most important part of their lives. As, they meet with the circle of friends for a large part of the day, naturally the ideas and theories of friends gets imbibed into them; and knowingly or unknowingly their perception regarding several things, changes accordingly.
So, the most important aspect of teenage may well be choosing friends judiciously. The company of good friends may result in progress and better understanding of life but bad company may well lead to downfall. Some friends are just ‘fair weather friends’ and others are true friends who fall into the category of ‘friends in need’. It’s very important to make a distinction between these two classes and mix with them fittingly.
Even in the company of friends, self conscience should prevail and one should not follow the steps of friends blindly. A teenager should refrain from these and maintain a clear perspective regarding, right and wrong. This attitude may well reform some friends.
The parents and teachers should keep a close watch on the friends of their sons, daughters and students. If possible, they should guide the teens into choosing their friends. The best solution is to make friendships with themselves and try to share everything with them.

Teenage- when the mind is a battlefield

Teenage is marked by stupendous changes in mindset and this change is about the perception of the world around the teenager. It is as if the whole world attains a completely different meaning to these boys and girls who are just on their first steps at understanding the complexities of it.
During childhood, the words which seemed innocent and charming now seem to hold different meanings within them, the next door neighbour who always used to stop by and ask ‘how’s school going on’ now seems suspicious; all in all the viewing angle of a teenager undergoes a revolutionary change.
In the course of these mental changes, the relationships of the teenagers with their parents change a lot. It seems to them the parents is always bossing around, always trying to interfere in their personal lives. As a result of this the normal and fluent relationship, which existed beforehand now appears trite and mechanical.
The teenagers aspire for more freedom and more space in their lives and seldom have they got it. This causes the depression which has several impacts on their day to day lives. Eating disorders, suicidal tendencies etc develop within them, which sometimes prove fatal in the long run.
The perception of right and wrong and the dilemma associated with it, is a general problem among teenagers. What seems right is often considered un-cool in the friend and peer circle and vice versa. The moral lessons which he/she had received earlier from parents and teachers seem to forbid them from indulging in the ‘wrong’ activities, but the thrill and a sense of ‘doing something new’ pushes them towards these types of actions.
As a result of all this, a teenager is most of the times appeared as a confused soul. When it comes to taking decisions, they often tend to depend on friends or peers.
It is important that during this time the parents, teachers and other close relatives are connected with the teen. They have to reinforce the moral values, the distinction between right and wrong and guide the teens to make better decisions in their lives. They must give some space and freedom but also keep a close look so that the freedom can not be misused. This is a tough time for the teenagers, so the parents should be able to understand their feelings and needs.

Teenage- the ranges of physical changes

Teen age may be defined as the period in life of an individual when he/she reaches adolescence. Adolescence is biologically marked by the increased levels of certain hormones which cause changes in a person, both physically and mentally.
Changes experienced by males:
The first changes begin at the onset of puberty and attain a peak during the teenage years. In boys, the voice starts becoming hoarse, and ultimately deep. Facial hair and pubic hair start growing, and there is a change in the muscle structure. The growth rate is extremely high during this period and there is a natural tendency of comparing oneself with others. Boys generally tend to compare their height and looks with their friends and peers and eventually this may induce a sense of superiority or inferiority.
A major milestone in puberty is ejaculation or masturbation. This generally begins at the age of 13 years which is triggered by the increased levels of testosterone released by the testes. Boys ejaculate a white fluid mass. This is often marked by sexual stimulation or fantasies and is a common trait.
Changes experienced by females:
In girls, the changes are more rapid and physically more perceptible. Puberty and adolescence is marked by the development of breasts and more curved and prominent hips in girls. There is a marked difference in their walking style due to this, their body shape also changes into a more feminine structure. During this point of time girls become very self conscious and careful of their general appearance. Admiring oneself in a mirror almost becomes a day to day routine.
Menstruation in females is marked by the onset of menarche. During this period, bleeding occurs from the uterus which comes out through the vagina. This is a cyclical phenomenon where the levels of hormones oestrogen and progesterone play a huge role. The cycle generally runs for 3-5 days.
Parental role during these changes:
All these bodily changes may be a cause of concern for the teenage boys and girls. So, it is the duty of the parents to guide them through this period of change and teach them their implications. In this way, they can consider these changes normal and grow normally. They must guide them about what they should do in each stage of their life. They must keep an eye on the activities of their children so that they can preserve them from many unethical acts. 

Teach Your Teenager Financial Responsibility

Teenage is an age when teenagers learn about many aspects of practical life. This is the time best for teaching them about financial responsibility. Though, you may talk on this issue with your kids at any stage of life but teenage is an ideal stage to teach them the real picture of practical life. Adopt some polite and practical way of teaching and consulting these issues with teens as teens got easily aggressive and stubborn when parents and elders talk on such issues.
Give them an adequate amount of pocket only once in month and ask them to manage their expenses accordingly. This will help and teach them to manage monthly salary which is foremost and very first financial responsibility. Do not give them money, other than their monthly pocket money for their own expenses. Make a sheet and note down all expenses your teen have to bear from the pocket money. This practice helps your teen in managing a fixed amount of money according to their expenses.
Set a date in yearly calendar to give them an increment in their pocket money. Do not get aggressive in case, your teenager finishes the pocket money before the end of the month. Help them in planning their expenses with patience and care. Also encourage them to work like babysitting or mowing and watering neighbor’s garden to earn some extra money. This earning will help them more in understanding what financial responsibility exactly is.
Once they are successful in money management according to their expenses, teach them to save money. Saving is one big financial responsibility. Talk to them about long term goals that they can achieve by saving, like a new computer, laptop or a new car for their own. Guide them on saving issue in a way that saving appeals them do not distract them.
Let them have a bank account of their own so they can manage with the money easily. Have a check on their account statements but do not in the way that they feel you’re chasing them and you do not trust on them, regarding financial issues. Trust your teens about their financial responsibility and guide them accordingly.


Talk to teen about safe sex

Most of the parents do feel shy or uncomfortable about talking to their teens on the issue of safe sex. This ignorance may have many negative aspects and can results in unwanted pregnancy or contraction of sexually transmitted disease. According to a survey, almost every fourth child, aged 15 or above have had been a sexual intercourse, so it would be a wise decision to talk to your teen about such issue before it got too late.
Put in order yourself for that reason. While preparing yourself on the issue of safe sex keeps one thing in mind, age and understanding level of your teen. You know you child best; you know best how make your communication understandable for your teen and easy for you. Make a list of all possible questions, your teen may ask you. Try to answer for all these in an effective way. Ask your child first about his knowledge and definition about sex. This may help you in guiding him in a proper way.

Some teens do have a clear image of all these, be bold to talk about everything clearly and openly. If needed, use the exact names of sexual organs to make a clearer picture of what you’re talking about to him. In case of mature teens, talk about emotional sides of sex as well. Let them know that sex can be pleasure sometimes but sometimes it can be even more painful, depending upon the situation. Make your child confident upon the issue that it is going solely his or her decision whether he/she wants to do sex or not.
Make your confident on the issue of forced to do sex. While consulting your teen on the issue of safe sex, make it clear that if he/she is forced to do sex then he /she would be going to be blamed of this. Also remind your teen that there should be any excuse for forcing someone to sex.

Talk to your spouse before consulting your teen on the issue of safe sex. This is a fact that mothers are good in communicating with daughters regarding such issues while on the other hand sons feel more comfortable in talking to their father about such happenings. 

Taking care of teenagers

The age between ‘16 to 20’ is considered as teenage. During this time, teen passes a very complicated time but no one give a hand to help them. Finally, they face a number of problems and do undesired things. So, we must help them to overcome it.

Following are some tips for the purpose of taking great care of them:


Teenagers, especially in their family have to face in so many problems. So parents should extend their hand to them. They must give their efficient time to them. If they need something or want to share something then parents should talk with them. Traveling or hiking can also be arranged for overcoming the teenage complicated problem.


Teens do not think about what is going on with them. They don’t care about their health. They don’t even know about which type of meal and fruits they must take. Because of changing hormone in their body, they need to be sincere about their health. They need to eat so much nutrition food, fruits etc.

Try to avoid depression:

Because of unhealthy environment and lack of kindness, they suffer in depression. Parents should help them to overcome such issues. Parents can ask them and try to solve their problem so that they don’t feel depression.


In school, teachers can help them about their condition and situation. They also can teach them which things you have to do now and which things you not need to do. Parents always need to be sincere about their children. They must know about where their children are going to and coming from. Also, in our society we must grow a good mentality for teenagers.


It’s a time of growth. So teenagers must keep in touch with various types of sports such as table tennis, basketball, football, cricket, badminton etc.

Remember that sometimes you should say "no":

If your teenager ask you to do something but is not looking odd in front of their friends at the last minute on the spot, it will be appropriated for you to tell them ‘no’. Not only has this, but also if they are going to do unwanted work simply say ‘no’. Because let them to understand which is right or wrong.


Planning for a Bachelor Party

    A bachelor party is thrown to an individual when he is in his last few days as a bachelor. These parties are arranged by friends of soon groom to be individuals. It is one way of celebrating the last few days of being a bachelor. Occasionally, we might find a few individuals who aren’t interested in bachelor parties. Such individuals can very well have a small get together and enjoy the occasion with a beer or two. Here are some tips that can help you to plan a bachelor party.

    The first thing to consider is the budget. A bachelor party involves lots of fun acts and hence the budget will definitely need to be high. You might have a strip show from an attractive stripper and so on. The next thing to consider is the location for the party. You should find a place such that it is secluded from your bride’s relatives because you don’t want to ruin your marriage. After choosing an appropriate place, you should fix a particular time for the party. An obvious choice would be to choose around midnight as this is the time of the day during which the entire population sleeps. Then, you should draw a list of people to invite. Generally, a bachelor party can become interesting with large number of people. But this doesn’t mean that you should invite all your friends. Make sure that everyone you invite is worthy of your trust.

Again, you don’t want them to inform about your secrets to your bride. Make sure that you too have a good time at the party. Being the planner gives you lots of responsibilities but it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your enjoyment for it. Since it is a bachelor party, you will have different people present at the party. There are chances for possible fight between the individuals. Hence you should always be prepared to keep the situation under control. The last thing that you want in a bachelor party is one or two people ruining it. If you ensure that all these are done, then you can host the best party ever.

Planning for an Office Party

    Whenever we think of an office, the only thing that comes into mind is work. This is because most of the time in the office is spent working. Thanks to the office parties, we are able to see the office as a place of fun. It is not like the everyday meetings that are used to discuss issues related to work. It is fun to participate in an office party. But on the contrary, what if you are to organize the party? It would surely be a difficult task. Here are some tips that can ease your job.

    You should first think of a nice place to host the party. Since it is an office party, you should definitely choose a cool resort or a nice hotel. The next important thing is to arrange for proper decorations. For an office party, it is best if you could hire professional decorators because you won’t find enough time to do it by yourself. Next, you will need an invitation to invite the guests. Obviously, it is going to be your colleagues and friends who attend the party. Hence you should make sure that you impress them with the invitation. Your choice of dress surely matters since most of the office management would want to see their employees wearing the same kind of dress.

Some offices even buy clothes for all its employees to be worn during the office party. If this is the case, you should try to buy something that looks professional. A party is supposed to be an event of fun and there is no other fun like games.  Hence a party game can be used to kick start the party in a nice way. The main advantage of party games is that it relieves tension from the employees.
Although we say that an office party is meant to be enjoyed, it doesn’t mean that you can do anything you want. Especially, if you are the planner of the event you have lots of responsibilities. Check your actions and make sure that you don’t do anything that reflects a bad reputation.

Planning a Birthday Party

    Birthday is one of the special occasions in an individual’s life. It deserves to be celebrated. Especially, teens like to celebrate their every birthday. However, the level of the party depends upon the importance of it. For instance, people celebrate 1st and 50th birthday party in a grand fashion whereas the rest can be celebrated as a small get together. In either case, planning the birthday party becomes crucial. You need to think clearly through everything. So here are some tips that could help you in planning the birthday party.
    To begin with, you should arrange a proper site to host the birthday party. Again, the place can be decided depending upon the grandness of the party. If you are arranging for a small party, then your home should be enough. On the other hand, if you are planning for a grand party, then you should considering a hotel or a resort. Once you fix the place, you move on to decorating the entire place. There are professional decorators available and hence it would be easier to do the job with their help. The next phase of the planning process is to decide upon the budget. Depending upon the number of people you are going to invite, you can plan the budget and depending upon your budget the difficulty of planning the birthday party will change. After that, you should prepare invitations to all your guests. Once you are ready with the invitations, you can distribute them to all your guests. When you are finished with all these steps, you should think about the food to offer to the guests. Prepare a good menu with different varieties of food and beverages. If your budget permits, then you can even arrange for a music party. Get ready with the birthday party events. Teens are always active and hence it won’t be nice without certain games and activities. Once you are done with all these steps, relax and have fun at the birthday party.
    We can clearly say that planning the birthday party is quite easy if all these tips are taken into consideration.


Plan for a Graduation Party

    Graduating from a school or a college is considered a great achievement for an individual and it definitely needs to be celebrated. Most parents arrange for a graduation party in order to celebrate the graduation of their child. Sometimes, we might even see a person throwing a graduation party for a friend. In both these cases, the plan really matters. So here is how you go about with your plan.

    First of all, you should ask the individual whether he is interested in a graduation party. If not interested, then the entire party would be a waste of time. But this happens only rarely. Also, you should ask the individual about how he thinks the party should be. Or else you can provide all the options to the individual and make him customize the party. After all, this is his graduation party. Finish all the decision making processes as early as possible. For instance, before jumping into other planning matters, you should choose whether you will throw a big party or a small party. Depending upon these decisions, you can narrow down your further choices.

The next thing is to choose the date and time for the event to take place. This can be tricky because you should choose in such a way that most of the individual’s friends are able to attend the graduation party. Choose a suitable location for the party. Obviously, you can use your own house if it has enough room to accommodate all the guests. Next, you should choose a good party theme. Apparently, the theme for the party will be graduation. But you will need to narrow down the graduation party theme so as to make it easy for you to buy the decorative items and food. A better choice would be to choose the graduate’s college major. The final step is to choose the food. The basic question here is whether you will prepare the food or you order from a caterer. Whichever you choose, arrange for a proper menu that includes lots of varieties. If you could pull all these off, then the graduation party will be a great success.

Things to Consider while Planning a Party

    Most people celebrate special occasions by throwing out a party. You invite all your friends, neighbors, business associates and relatives to party. But before you move into inviting people to your party, there are lots of considerations that you will need to look into. Let us take a look at them briefly.
    First of all, you should decide upon the budget. At most times, the budget is decided by the importance of the occasion. But if you are rich enough to afford the expenses, you can leave out this step while planning the party.
    When you think of planning a party, your first job is to choose a proper site. If your home is suited for the occasion and is big enough to handle the amount of people, then you can definitely conduct the party at your home itself. If not you can hire hotels and resorts. Don’t ever forget to decorate the building with attractive flowers, color papers, etc. If budget doesn’t matter, then you should probably think of arranging attractive maids to host the party.
    The next thing is to choose the date and time of the party. If it is a special occasion such as birthday, wedding anniversary, etc then you will have enough time to fix the date and time for the party. But if you plan out a party to celebrate something else such as improving business, celebrating promotions, etc then you won’t have enough time to plan. In such cases, you should act quickly.
    One of the important phases of planning a party involves determining the food to provide. You should choose the menu carefully so as to satisfy much of the audience. Don’t forget to add cool drinks to your menu.
    The final step in planning a party is to create attractive invitations. If you feel that this is not necessary then you can very well invite your guests without an invitation. But invitations are the formal way of inviting. Decide upon your guests for the party and invite them. If you make sure that you consider all the above mentioned points then you will have a nice time enjoying the party.

Party Planning Ideas for your Kid’s Birthday

    Have you ever wondered how to celebrate your kid’s birthday? The best way is to throw a party. But you will need to take a look at several party planning ideas to make sure that you know the basics of a party.    The first step is obviously to decide on the budget. Since it is your kid’s birthday, you should do it in a respectable manner. Decide upon the optimal budget depending upon the simplicity of the party that you wish.
    The next step is to fix a place for the party. Necessarily, you can conduct the party at your own house. Most of the party planning ideas will suggest your home because the party is just to celebrate your kid’s birthday. Make sure that you decorate your home attractively and make it ready for the party. Or else you can ask your kid to choose the decorations.
    You should then invite your friends and relatives. Make sure that you invite fewer important people. This is because if you increase the number then the cost will become high. Besides, it is just a birthday party and hence it is enough to invite a few guests. Also, several party planning ideas given by experts suggest that you invite parents too for your kid’s birthday party. This is because you won’t be able to handle all the kids on your own.
    Choose the time frame of the party. Make sure that you provide adequate time for your kid to have fun with the guests. It would be best if you could allow up to 2 hours for your kid to party with others.
    Events form a major part of your kid’s birthday party since these are the best way to entertain kids. Prepare various events such as craft work, gaming events, etc. The final event of the birthday party would be that of opening the gifts.
    Last but not least, plan out the food you are going to offer. Add a variety to the menu by adding couple of drinks and side dishes. Finally, enjoy the party with your kid.


Nutritional Snacks for Women

This article intends to help out all those women who want to have a healthy living. First of all we shall concentrate on pregnant women.

Nutritional Snacks for Pregnant Ladies:
As far as nutritional snacks for pregnant ladies are concerned, make sure that you consume some good amounts of protein. This is because protein helps in the building new cells rather quite rapidly and it is highly beneficial for the foetus growing in your womb. Moreover, proteins eliminate the risk of pregnant women from nauseating or getting fatigued. Some of the important snacks that contain fair amounts of good protein are nuts, boiled eggs, soya etc. When you talk about nuts, the best ones are obviously almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts etc. These are energy houses and can give a lady load of energy to cope with her pregnancy. Fresh fruits like apples, bananas, oranges etc should always be consumed at the right intervals. Other food stuffs include carrots, beans, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, cabbage etc that supply the mineral nutrients like iron, magnesium in sufficient quantities. Skimmed milk should be always included during your snack time. It will give the required iron content and strength as well. But make sure that you consume all in the appropriate proportions. One very good advice that we would like to give is to avoid non-vegetarian food stuffs during your pregnancy even if you are a non-vegetarian.

Nutritional Snacks for Normal Women:

The nutritional snacks for normal women can be quite similar to the ones mentioned in the previous passage. However, the degree of consumption does matter. In case of a pregnant lady, the consumption should be at least one and half times more than that is consumed by a normal woman. The main criterion for a normal woman would be to maintain a good physique. When you take that into consideration, the advice we would like to give is to increase the intake of dry fruits, proteins and iron content. Iron content is absolutely necessary because women are prone to suffer from osteoporosis. Reduce junk food consumption because it might pile up the fat content inside your body.


Nutritional Snacks for Healthy Living

Nutritional snacks have lots of benefits which most of you are not aware of. Consumption of the proper food items at the right time in the right proportion can help you live a healthy life. The benefits of consuming nutritional snacks are far so many to list out. But given here in this article are some of the most important nutritional snacks that are very popular and make an excellent evening snack. The benefits of these nutritional snacks are also mentioned here.

First of all, I would like to start with the high fiber content nutritional food stuffs that would be very good snack items. Fruit milk shakes like apple shakes, banana shakes, strawberry shakes are so good at revitalizing the lost energy that it should be in your list of snack items. The most important milk shakes out of them all would be the banana milk shake because it can easily replenish the lost electrolytes in your body. Just a single glass of banana milk shake would be sufficient for your kid who returns after a hectic day at school. Moreover, banana milk shakes are quite easy to prepare and cheap as well.

Papaya is also very good food stuff as it has high fiber content in it. Prune, apricot, avocado, almonds, hazelnuts etc are also excellent food stuffs that are rich in fiber. Dishes made from vegetables like broccoli, spinach, lettuce, cabbage etc if made up with better recipes can be excellent snack items. The reason we are stressing on high fiber content food items is that high fiber content food stuffs enhances the production of anti-oxidants, lessens the blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels and lot of other inherent benefits. The inherent benefits include improved gastrointestinal health like ease of excretion, improved digestion etc; reduced risk of heart arrests; reduced risk of cancer etc.

Now let us concentrate on other food items that are healthy and tasty which can make excellent snack foods. Wheat bran, wheat muffins, sugared wheat muffins, peanut butter cookies, peanut cakes, rice cakes, oats, barley, bagel, vanilla wafers etc are excellent ready-made nutritional snacks that is highly beneficial for better living. 

Nutritional Snacks for Children

Providing the right nutrition in the right proportion at the right time for our kids is indeed an arduous task as children are adamant and arrogant to take in some healthy food. The best way is to use our common sense and lure our kids into consuming something that is nutritional. And the easiest way to do that is to provide them with snacks that are nutritional.

Nutritional snacks like wheat bran muffins, sugared wheat muffins, wheat cookies, etc are food stuffs that can be packed in your child’s lunch box when he/she is going to school. They are absolutely healthy, nutritious and very tasty. They are rich in fiber content and minerals like iron; protein and carbohydrates. If you find your kid having any sort of hesitancy towards consuming wheat oriented food stuffs then do not be perturbed. You can feed him with almonds, dates, walnuts and hazelnuts etc which are rich in fibers, carbohydrates, proteins and contain anti-oxidants as well. Dates are an excellent option because they are cheap is rich in iron content.

You can also try to give your kid fruits like apples, bananas, strawberries, apricots, avocados, raspberries etc. These are excellent fruits which have high contents of mineral nutrients and proteins. When at home, you can feed your child with some interesting and innovative dishes made out of vegetables like broccoli, cabbages, mushrooms, spinach etc. Some of the popular vegetable dishes preferred by children are broccoli rice casserole, spinach soufflé, broccoli soup and mushroom dips.  If you have a hard time with these then leave aside all that and just try to give them some milk shakes made of bananas or apples or berries etc.

Dairy products can be used as well. Skimmed milk has the best possible nutrients which no other food stuffs posses. This is a highly recommended food item for children mainly because it aids in the proper growth and development of a child. Baked tortilla chips, baked broccoli fries, Tofu, dough nuts, crackers, corn chips, popcorn, granola bars, vanilla wafers etc are very luring nutritional snacks especially for kids.



Nutritional Snacks during Evenings

If you are looking for some nutritional snacks that would perfectly satisfy your evening while sipping a cup of tea or coffee then this article will be of great help as this would give you all the relevant information regarding nutritional snacks during the evenings. When you consider tea time, it is obvious that everyone would prefer to have something crunchy and tasty. So, here is the list of some tasty as well healthy snacks that can very well make your evening.

Whole wheat grain muffins would be great with tea or coffee. This is in fact a complete food source that will give you all the required nutrients. As most of you might know, wheat grains contain protein, carbohydrates and iron in sufficient quantities that are absolutely necessary for a human body. Wheat muffins are instant suppliers of carbohydrates i.e. energy which will boost and enliven you in a matter of minutes. As far as taste goes, wheat muffins are very delicious and they obviously make up for a fine evening with a cup of tea/coffee. Moreover, there are many wheat grain muffins which come with sugar delicacies. Such wheat grain muffins can satisfy your hunger for taste as well as nutrition.

There are cereal cakes and cookies like rice cakes, barley cakes, wheat cakes and wheat cookies etc that are highly nutritious. These can be served with tea and will make an excellent occasion. The food stuffs mentioned here are rich in fiber content that will reduce the cholesterol levels and improve the blood supply to all parts of your body. Peanut butter is something that is quite popular among many of the people. Peanut butter can be used as an additional supplement for your main snack item. This is very good and low in fat content. Peanut butter can be applied on these rice cakes or barley cakes or it can even be used on peanut oriented food stuffs like peanut pancakes, peanut ritz crackers etc.

Other snacks foods include are nuts like hazelnuts, almonds, walnut; dates; fat-free popcorn; baked tortilla chips etc.


Ideas for Beach Party Themes

A beach party is the best way to spend the summer season. As we all know, a beach party doesn’t cost much and so it is one of the better ways to spend time with your friends. However, you should make sure that you preserve the beach party theme. Here are a few ideas that you can follow to make sure of it.

You will surely need an invitation to invite your friends to the beach party. You can definitely design your own cards using photo editing software. But if you are not sure about the beach party designs, then you can always go to your closest party supply store. Make sure that you choose the cards in such a way that they agree with the beach party theme. You can make your invitation much more attractive by using beach party items. For instance, you can write the invitation note on a bit of paper and sneak it into a coconut shell and hand it over to your friends. Ideas like this can make the party much more interesting.

The next thing is to consider the decorative items that you will need. Obviously, the party site will definitely be a beach since it is the primitive requisite for maintaining the beach party theme. Your guests will spend most of their time on beaches. Hence you should make sure that you have lots and lots of umbrellas in place. Also, make sure that you house lots of items that are necessary for various beach activities such as surf boards, volley balls, etc.

It is enough to spend a little time on food. This is because a beach party is supposed to offer sea foods such as crabs, fishes, etc. You can add a few fruit salads to make the food balanced. This will definitely become a part of the beach party theme.
Finally, it is time to have fun at your party. Don’t ever forget about the beach activities such as volley balls and beach balls. These can definitely make your party more interesting and worth the while for your guests.

How to go about with a Housewarming Party?

Are you going to move to a new home? Then get ready to throw a housewarming party to let your friends and relatives know about your new home. It is also a nice way to show off your new home.

Since you are aware of the event, you will have plenty of time to plan and prepare for the party. Since the prime use of a housewarming party is to show off, you should make sure that all the items are in proper place before the party. For instance, you cannot leave your items packed during the party and so take your time in unpacking all the items. The planning process includes the invitation as well. You should make sure that you add a map to your new home inside the invitation. This is because your house is new and most people don’t know its exact location.

Also, make sure that you hand out the invitations to your guests well in advance so as to give them time to adjust their appointments. While inviting, don’t forget about your new neighbors. The housewarming party could serve as a nice way to introduce yourself to your new neighbors. During this party, it is your duty to ensure that your guests are able to tour your entire house. After all, a housewarming party is meant to show off your new house to others. So don’t disappoint them in this aspect. You should personally accompany your guests while touring your home. Last but not least, you should arrange a good meal to your party guests. But it is better to arrange for a simple meal because your main aim is to introduce your house to others. You should try to add different beverages to your menu. With this addition, you can complement the simple meal.

These are conventional housewarming party ideas but it would be better if you can put your creativity into play. Some of the ideas mentioned above can be modified to reflect your taste. This would make your party look unique and make it worth the time.

Hosting a Fundraising Party

There are many situations where you will need to raise funds in order to support a good cause. In such cases, there are various methods to follow. But a fundraising party is the best among them. The advantage is that you can raise funds and at the same time have fun at the event. Even though there is lots of fun, it can be difficult to host a party. There are different types of fundraising parties. For instance, you can conduct a chocolate party or you can conduct a wine tasting party and so on. The only difficulty involved in planning the party is choosing the menu for the party. The daunting task of conducting a fundraising party can be simplified by taking the following points into account.

Depending upon the type of the party, there are different party ideas. If you are to host a wine tasting party, then you can choose the place depending upon the number of people that you invite. Order for the wine and have fun. You can even charge a price for the wine. One other thing to remember is not to forget to add some crackers and music to the event. On the other hand, if you are to host a chocolate party, then you should probably consider the menu carefully. Make sure that you provide lots of chocolate food items. You will need lots and lots of items because most people will like to eat chocolates. If you are throwing out a block party, then you will probably invite your entire neighborhood. The menu can be of your choice during a block party. Also, before conducting the block party, you should make sure that it is legal to conduct such parties in your locality. If not, you should try to get all the required permits from the government.

When you make sure that the fundraising party goes well, you will see that most people will willingly donate money for the cause. Especially, if they are aware of the fact that they get tax benefits for the donation, then each and every individual is bound to donate some money.


Healthy Life with Nutritional Snacks

If you wish to have a healthy lifestyle then the only advice is to have a healthy and balanced diet along with a proper fitness regime. Though many of you would maintain a good diet, there would be temptations for many to eat some junk foods like pizza or a burger or friend chips. It is not that occasional consumption of such foods can cause you any serious harm, but why should you consume it when it can cause harm to a certain extent.

A healthy life is that which does not have any problems whatsoever. So, even during your snacking hours it is advised that you always consume only healthy foods. Healthy foods like wheat bran, muffins, oats etc are excellent food supplements (In addition to your normal diet) that will provide you with the needed protein, iron, carbohydrates etc. True that snacks can never be replaced for meals, but when it can provide you with energy, stamina and nutrients up to the same extent.

Frequent intakes of nutritious snacks are good for health that it will help you stay healthy for most part of your life. Frequent snacking doesn’t mean that you will have to sit at one place and keep on munching; you can consume something like a carrot or a banana or an apple during your working hours or leisure that will keep you vibrant and energetic for at least four or five hours. Similarly walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, berries, apricot etc are highly nutritious that contain anti-oxidants which can be consumed anytime. We are not compelling you to consume such food items, but consuming these would keep you healthy and active always.

As far as your tea time snacks are concerned, you can always try cereal oriented food items like wheat bran, wheat muffins, oats, barley cakes, rice cakes etc. These have lot of health beneficial effects unlike consuming junk foods. The actual reason for us to mention all these food items was to emphasize on the fact that most of the population consume junk foods that have harmful health effects. So, avoid junk food and consume nutritional snacks like the ones mentioned here.



It's All About Healthy and Nutritional Snacks

Are you looking for some good food items that are healthy and equally tasty? If the answer is yes then this article will provide you with some of the most popular snacks that are highly nutritious and tasting like heaven.

•    The best snacking item is obviously fruits. Bananas (especially the Cavendish variety) are rich in Vitamin C, potassium and B complex vitamins which will easily recharge your body. Bananas can provide the much needed electrolytes for your tired kid. Same is the case with apples. Apple salads or apple milk shakes can be given to your loved ones who have just returned after a hectic day. Other fruits that have high nutritional value are strawberries; pears, watermelon, oranges, pineapple, custard apple etc have high content of vitamins, mineral nutrients and iron in them.
•    For kids who are not so interested towards fruits then try to serve them with dry fruits like raisins, apricots, dates etc. Dates are rich in iron nutrients that it will promote proper skeletal growth.
•    For adults, food stuffs that are rich in natural fibers or foods rich in fibers shall be served during the snacking time. Some of the examples of fiber rich nutritional foods are wheat bran, muffins, oats, barley, sorghum etc. The food stuffs mentioned here might not please most of you. But these can be made into delicacies with your cooking ability. For example, a sugared wheat muffin is a whole grain food stuff that is widely popular among all the adults. In fact wheat muffins are the most preferred forms of snacking items in most houses.
•    Vegetables can be used as well. Vegetables make an excellent nutritional snack. We are not saying that you need to take them during your tea time. But whenever you feel hungry during your recess period between lunch and dinner, dishes made from vegetables like carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, flaxseed etc can be consumed. The best example of a vegetable dish that can be very good snack item is broccoli casserole. However, there are other vegetable dishes like spinach soufflé, mushroom dip etc that have high nutritional value.



Easy Way to Plan a Dinner Party

A dinner party is a nice way of meeting important people after a long time. This makes it appropriate for get-togethers. However, if you are requested to plan and carry out the event then you will surely find it difficult. So here is an easy way to plan the dinner party.
First of all, decide whether you are going to conduct a formal party or a casual party. If you are meeting with friends, casual party is good. But if you are meeting with business clients, then a formal party is better. Your choice will make several differences in the future plans. For instance, if you are going to host a formal party, then you should choose a formal dress code for the party. But in case of a casual party, there is no need for a dress code. Choose a good place to host the party and decorate it attractively. Next, it is time to decide upon the budget for the dinner party. This can be estimated only after knowing the number of guests.

So, it is best if you decide how many guests you are going to invite to the party. After you estimate the number of guests, you can plan the menu. Since this is a dinner party, you should consider the menu carefully. After the menu, you should consider the various drinks that can be used to complement the food. There are some important considerations involved in this step. You should first see whether you have arranged for enough people to serve the food. Next, you should check whether you have enough refrigeration facilities to handle all the drinks. A word of advice is to arrange for the food from caterers. This is because preparing food can take a lot of time. Especially, if you are the planner, you have much other work to do than cooking.

Observing the above mentioned dinner party ideas, it is clear that planning for a party doesn’t get much easier than this. If you carefully follow all the points mentioned above, then you can surely have a great dinner party.

Dump Junk Food; Go for Nutritional Snacks

Dump the Junk: Over 300 Tips to Encourage Children to Eat Healthy FoodFor those who would love to take snacks during the tea time, there is one thing you have to take special care of. Please make sure that you are not consuming food stuffs like fried potato chips, pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, fried meat etc or any other items like these which contain excessive amounts of fats that can be very harmful. Well, probably you won’t be consuming it if you know the possible health effects these junk foods can cause you. It has been scientifically proven that junk foods can alter the brain activity by desensitizing your pleasure for good food.

Moreover, such food items increase the fat content in your body at such a fast rate that it would be very difficult for anyone to maintain high fitness levels. Junk foods are the main reasons for obesity and increased cholesterol levels. If you people are aware, such junk foods have contributed to lot of deaths by way of heart attacks. It is true that junk food stuffs can linger your taste buds. But is it really necessary that you risk your life in order to fulfill your taste?

Why don’t you go for nutritional snacks during your tea breaks or at times when you really feel hungry? Nutritional snacks like whole wheat muffins, peanuts, peanut butter, honey cakes; cereals like oats, barley; bagels, baked tortilla chips, crackers etc are so healthy and equally tasty that it will cause no harm whatsoever. The above mentioned snacks can be used while you are sipping a cup of coffee or tea.

Fresh fruits like apples, bananas, watermelons, figs, berries etc have high nutritional value which can keep you fresh and healthy always. There are even better options like banana milk shakes, apple juices, strawberry juices, puddings etc that will give you all the required strength, protein, carbohydrates and minerals in the most appropriate manner. Other nutritional snacks include vegetable dishes like broccoli and mushroom dip, broccoli casserole, spinach soufflé etc are very good for adults. It can be served for kids as well (If they prefer to eat them).

Importance of Healthy and Nutritional Snacking

Eat Healthy, Feel GreatSnacking is nothing but the habit of consuming food stuffs to kill your hunger during the recess period between your meals (Say for example, the gap between lunch and dinner). Moreover, snacks have become an integral part of the tea time that people hate to take a sip of tea or coffee without having to munch anything. But there is a common misconception that snacks can cause ill-effects like obesity; increase the cholesterol levels, acidity etc.

Actually, it is the choice of snacks that causes all these ill-effects. For example, if you consume junk foods, it is obvious that you would develop health complications of one sort or the other. Junk food is one of the main reasons for having increased cholesterol levels, deposition of visceral fats etc. So, avoid junk foods like fried potato chips, instant noodles, burgers, pizzas, spicy items, fried chicken and food stuffs containing fats etc.

It is thus very important that the choice of snacks you make is apt and absolutely on the money. In fact snacks can provide you all the additional nutrients, protein supplements, iron etc if proper food stuffs are consumed during the snacking hours. There are lots of benefits of nutritional snacking and they mentioned below.

Consuming cereal oriented snacks like whole wheat muffins, bran; dry fruits like dates, apricot, raisins, almonds etc are so healthy and nutritious that it will invariably give you all the required carbohydrates, proteins and minerals like iron etc during the so called recess period. Moreover, the food stuffs mentioned have lots of natural fibers which reduce the cholesterol levels considerably. You can consume fresh fruits like bananas, apples, figs and pears etc which can improve your health quotient.

Nutritional snacking does not mean that you will have to compromise on taste. There are lots of food stuffs which are absolutely healthy, nutritious and tasty as well. Animal crackers, graham crackers, vanilla wafers, fig bars, granola bars etc are some of the examples of low fat items which are tasty and help you maintain a healthy body. In addition to maintaining a healthy, you can stay away from diseases/complications like constipation, indigestion, problems with bowel movement etc with regular intake of such healthy and nutritious snacks.

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